We are excited to announce, now supports link retargeting for Facebook and Adwords. Most other link management tools charge 10x more for this feature but we are including it for all of our plans. Signup today to start using link retargeting.

Published on: 8/15/22, 9:03 PM

There are many different options out on the web for link shorteners and other tools for sharing links with a large audience. The search for the best option might take you in many different directions. With so many options out there, it is hard to know just what is actually worth the time, effort, and money.

Published on: 8/15/22, 9:01 PM is proud to announce that it has added a new feature to better help the users! If you have a need to create one spot for all of your links we have just the thing for you. is proud to now be able to provide OneLink to its users. You can now create a customizable link to share with others to help you connect together all of your different content links into OneLink. It is a simple way of helping your audience to have easy access to all of your content locations. This tool is perfect for a profile bio! 

Published on: 8/15/22, 8:59 PM

This year has brought about many new challenges and changes. We have all had to find new ways of “getting the job done.” We have all had to problem solve our way through this new world we have ended up in. Things are not easy. Our old ways of doing things sometimes have to be thrown out the window and replaced with something new. 

Published on: 8/15/22, 8:57 PM

Looking for the best URL shortener to shrink your site’s links, analyze clicks, use your own custom domain, or help you use retargeting?

Published on: 8/15/22, 8:56 PM

So what makes a URL shortener great? The value of a URL shortener lies in its simplicity. When people share a URL, they expect the browser to open the website they’re looking for. This simple act of sharing allows the marketer to get more exposure for their site; while saving you time, it also helps drive traffic to their site. While there are thousands of URL shortening services out there, only a select few offer the best user experience, reliability, and value for money.

Published on: 8/15/22, 7:49 PM